Landing Page Optimization – On Page SEO Checklist

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I have study 4 different website landing pages and find 1 common targeted keywords “SEO Tutorial”, Then I just Open Google and search “SEO Tutorial” I found below results.

SEO Tutorial Case Study

After checking lots of points like domain authority, page authority, social links, domain age, URL structure and many more factors I Found 7 points why Google awarded 1st positions and not others. I have highlighted major points with red arrow.

This was not enough for me, I was not convinced with the 7 points I have shown, so Again I found other landing page factors that play vital role in seo ranking, this time the list has grown to 43 points. This list is very important for optimizing any page to bring good search engine ranking.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Domain Age
  3. Length and ( – )
  4. Moz Domain Authority
  5. Moz Page Authority
  6. Moz Spam Score
  7. Keyword In Domain Name
  8. Clean Landing Page URL
  9. Landing Page URL Length
  10. Landing Page URL Keyword Separation Using (-)
  11. Landing Page Age
  12. Canonical – Avoid Duplicate
  13. Www vs non www
  14. http:// vs https://
  15. Title – Keyword in Title
  16. Title – Keyword Start With
  17. Title Length
  18. Keywords in Descriptions
  19. Description Length
  20. Heading Tags Order
  21. H1
  22. H2
  23. H3
  24. Image file type
  25. Image Alt tag Optimization
  26. Image title tag optimization
  27. Unique Content with targeted Keywords
  28. Search term in First 100 Words
  29. Content Length
  30. Use Strong to highlight Keywords
  31. Images and Video
  32. Provide External Reference Links to prove your research
  33. Page Loading time
  34. Responsive test
  35. External CSS and JavaScript
  36. Total Internal Links on Page
  37. Backlinks from Relevant sites
  38. Google+ Shares, +1, Comments
  39. Facebook Shares Likes, & Comment
  40. Twitter twits, shares
  41. Other Social Engagement
  42. User time spend on page
  43. User Bounce Rate on Page

Domain Authority & Page Authority Checking for Top 4 Results

Now Look at Domain authority of Tutorials Points

tutorialspoint domain Authority


Now Look at Domain authority of WebConfs

Web Confs Domain authority

Now Look Domain Authority of  tizag

tizag domain authority

Domain Authority of HOBO Web

hobo web domain authority


I need your valuable inputs on landing page optimization. Please share your views on comment.

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