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  • December 29, 2015
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Keyword Research is very important for marketing, whether you are doing SEO on page optimization, Content marketing or Pay Per Click Search Marketing, Keyword research is mandatory work. Before you start doing any Keyword Research, Ask yourself below questions

  1. What Customer Searching For?
  2. Who are the customers?
  3. What Your customer’s Needs?

Importance of Keyword Research

If you find the right answers for this questions then your keyword research process become easier and you can easily extract lots of keywords from Google and Bing suggestions, Google Keyword planner, Ubbersuggest, SEO Book, SEMRush, Keywordspy, Google trends, Forums and from your competitors.

Based on My 6 Year of Experience I have divided my Keyword Research Techniques in 4 Major Parts

Business Model Analysis List of keywords that describe business, products and Services
Finding Keyword Value  Keywords Benefits Analysis to prioritize top keywords
User Intent for Search  Users goal with every unique search on internet
Competition Analysis  Find competitors website and their current positions for the targeted     keywords

Once understand  business, And find accurate Answers for the first 3 Questions for Keywords Research, then  we can start our Keyword Research Process more easily.

Keyword Research Strategy in 2016

Again to make it easy I have divided it in to 6 Steps, and each time we have to repeat it. Here is our 6 Steps

  1. Create Keywords Seed list
  2. Expand List
  3. Find User Intent
  4. Find Top Competitors current positions, Back link profiles
  5. Refine your Keywords list
  6. Prioritize your keywords

Now We will Describe Each Process easily to understand it more deeply.

How to Prepare Keyword Seed List

To Prepare search term list Follow this simple 6 steps

  1. Initial Research   –  Do your Own business and Competitors website and Identify root words.
  2. Build A Big Search term List – Add As Many keywords as possible
  3. Try to Include all the potential terms
  4. Organize your keyword List – Based on Website and Product list Organize all search terms
  5. Re-evaluate your List – Refine keywords List with competition, value and by Analyzing number 1 keyword ranking Benefits
  6. Add Important Keywords in website Architecture

To make keyword research process more easy Use following Keyword research tools

  2. Keyword SPY
  3. Keyword Planner
  4. Ubbsersuggest
  5. Google and Bing Suggestions

Evaluating Keywords List

  1. First Find Monthly Traffic for targeted search term
  2. Define Goal – Whether you want to target Current topics or evergreen topics.
  3. Stay away from the keywords which are too competitive even though they have high search volume. You must accept your limitations.
  4. Also stay away from the keywords which has less traffic.
  5. Make a common keywords List for your PPC search campaign and Organic SEO.
  6. Consider Your Customer Intent for searching the terms.
  7. You must select the keywords that match with your business goals.

Define User Intent

Before defining user intent, lets learn what are the different types of keywords that user might search for your business.

  1. Navigational Keywords – This are Low value keywords and customer often use it to find the business or website.
  2. Informational Keywords – This Keywords have medium value and users most of the time users search to find relevant information.
  3. Commercial Keywords – This keywords have higher value and every time user search information to make online purchase.
  4. Transaction Keywords – This keywords have highest value and most of the time user search it to buy instantly.

Once you Find the User Intent then a make a separate keywords List considering Long tail and Short tail keywords.

Longtail & Short tail keywords

Superb Keyword Research & SEO Techniques Example Provided by Rand Fishkin for Hotel & Travel Business. He has mentioned very simply, so even a beginner can start Finding profitable keyword. Read The Full article at https://moz.com/blog/winning-the-seo-battle-at-every-step-of-the-purchase-path

Check the below Image to Understand Hotel SEO techniques and keyword Targeting

Hotel Keywords Research & SEO Techniques

Now  You have Sales Funnel, Example and What type of SEO you need to do techniques, So Now I hope you can find potential search terms for any business.

Keyword Selection Checklist For Content Marketing

You can Also Ask some More questions to find more accurate search terms. Here are some questions you may ask
Keyword Selection Checklist

Don’t Forget to Read And Learn New Ideas from the Industry Keywords Research Experts

  1. http://www.webmarketinggroup.co.uk/blog/how-to-do-keyword-research-a-5-step-guide/
  2. http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2013/01/keyword-selection-content-marketing-seo/
  3. https://moz.com/blog/10-steps-to-advanced-keyword-research
  4. http://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-seo-chapter-6/
  5. https://blog.kissmetrics.com/keyword-research-smart-way/
  6. http://www.link-assistant.com/seo-workflow/keyword-research.html
  7. http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2384399/4-steps-to-modern-keyword-research-in-2015

If you have any suggestions  and new keyword research ideas that must required in 2016 then please share your inputs on below comments.

Completed 6 Years in Digital marketing and I discussed about SEO and PPC.

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