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  • January 14, 2016
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Whenever we launch a fresh website or redesign, Like quality checking, SEO audit is mandatory, based on my past experiences and on page optimization skills, I have prepared a SEO audit checklist.

seo audit checklist

SEO Audit For New and Old website


  1. Top Content Action Items
  2. Top Indexing  – Prepare complete List
  3. Top Linking/Social  – List of Backlinks, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Action Items


    1. Content Analysis – This analysis addresses all of the on-site SEO content related issues found on the . Implementing the recommended changes should provide valuable SEO benefits. For any website we must audit below 10 points and based on the optimization Level provide 0 – 10 Score. If you get score above 8 then its well optimized otherwise you need to fix the issues.
    2.       Keyword Focus
            URL Structure
            Title Tags
            Meta Descriptions
           Meta Keywords
           Heading Tags
           Internal Linking and Anchor Text
           Image Names and ALT Tags
           NoFollow Anchor Tags

Now we have our Main 10 points, We will look individually and give you recommendation why we need and how to do it. Also we will guide you some SEO tools that you can use.


      1. Keyword Analysis –  Check brand keywords, Root keywords, And main things whether you have identified the rights keywords or not. Check the Current positions. Check How the website is targeting keywords, Whether they target on home page, individual landing page or other post pages.
      2. Keyword Recommendations
      3. Guidelines – Must have a Main topic on a page to get a top ranking. So before developing I suggest research some good keywords, plan the categories, sub categories and make a relevant theme for website


  1. URL Analysis – Do the Analysis of URL, whether they include sessions, – or continuous, Main important is length. Prepare All the list and short out how many Long URL available in website. I always follow below format.
  2. URL length
  3. URL Recommendations – I personally believe short URL, And in my landing page optimization analysis I have found it that if  URL length is short, search engine provide more value. If your website have similar type of URL structure then avoid, search engine spiders find difficulty to crawl it.  Also it is very difficult for you to target the keywords. We Have addressed 2 wrong URl structure here, If you have try to fix it as early as you can.
    wrong -url-structure

    Avoid Port & Query from URL – Provide Keywords

    Avoid query parameters in url

    Filename Missing targeted Keywords – Avoid Query Parameters

  4. URL Guidelines – Based on My 7 years of SEO experience i have noticed below points
    • URL Length – Stay short, Maximum 100 Characters, Avoid Capitals
    • Use targeted keywords in domain, sub directory, filename, partial match keyword in domain is good.
    • See the complete seo friendly URL structureSEO-URL-Structure-reccommended


      1. Title Tags Analysis – List all the pages where missing titles, Find duplicate titles, Long titles
      2. Recommendations – Based on Research Recommend to modify existing title if they missing keywords, Long or duplicate.
      3. Title Writing Guidelines – After URL, Title is the first interaction for spider to determine the page relevancy. Also it is very important for Users to understand the Page. We Generally Follow title writing with 50 – 60 Character, We place Important keywords on starting. I generally follow backlinko title writing guidelines  Guidelines for title writing


      1. Descriptions Analysis – Do the Analysis and Find Duplicate, Keyword Missing and Long descriptions.
      2. Recommendations – Prepare list and if necessary rewrite descriptions and update it.
      3. Descriptions writing Guidelines – After title, URL, Descriptions play vital role in defining page relevancy, If you have written a well descriptions you will improve click through conversion rate. It is very important to have unique descriptions, with clear message with targeted keywords on it. Generally Descriptions length we follow 110 – 135 Character. As Most of the search engine shows less then 140 character. Descriptions must be 50 characters + otherwise Google search engine will consider it as short. Sometimes just stuffing keywords will not attract users to click, you need to have effective, eye catching and meaningful descriptions that solve users problem. See below example, I am sure you will like the first. Write Meta description to improve click


      1. Analysis & Recommendations – Generally Most of the Search engine now not following it.
      2. Guidelines – Avoid as possible, placing 1 keyword will be good.


      1. Heading tag Analysis – Check H1, H2, H3, Also find whether targeted keywords is available in it or not. Check the Orders, H1 comes first and then other follow. If any pages missing then prepare a list or documents, so during optimization you will easily solve the seo bugs.
      2. Heading tags Recommendations – Based on your audit, recommend client to solve.
      3. Heading tag Guidelines – I generally follow First Heading tag orders, Main targeted keywords in Title and H1 tag, My H1 tag always contain text, Not image. If you are not using H1, then dont go for H2, similarly if you are not using H4 then dont go use H5 or H6 on page. Strictly maintain heading tag orders. See the below heading tag orders example given by Gate 6Heading tag orders


      1. Content Analysis – Find targeted keywords, variations, Number of words, grammar, spelling mistakes, And finally whether its Unique content or not. Also check how often content is updated on website. Check images, Flash, Alt tag.
      2. Content Recommendations – Based on Content Audit provide recommendation to make best content for user to engage more and share it.
      3. Content Writing Guidelines – Minimum content needs to be 300+ words on page.  If you have a service page then it must be not more than 800 words, For blog longer will be more useful, as generally blog is for user educations. Avoid Duplicate content, Write unique and relevant content and provide trusted reference to prove it. Use Video, Short Paragraph, Images in your content so users can actually scroll to bottom to read full content.


      1. link Analysis – Check total backlinks, Anchor text, Keyword in backlinks, Absoulate vs relative Internal linking, Total backlink to single page, domain . Whenever I do backlink audit for particular page, I use below format. Format to do backlink Analysis
      2. Recommendations -Based on your research provide suggestion. Whether the website needs link deletion,  Link development. If website has more internal link (more then 100) on a page then suggest to improve it.
      3. Guidelines to Follow
        • Always use absolute links for internal linking
        • Total Number of internal links not exceed more then 1oo.
        • For sitewide external links use” rel=”nofollow” tag
        • For similar theme related pages cross link with targeted keywords
        • Use Anchor text variation for building links
        • if you getting links from third party website try to get it with brand name and targeted search term.
        • Always try to get links from similar theme or topics related website, otherwise contact the webmaster and delete irrelevant links.


  1. Analysis -> Find images that missing alt tag, Check the alt tag whether they contain targeted keywords or not. Check image name. if it not contain any keywords then rewrite image name, Whenever I do image names and alt text audit  i use below format.Image name and alt text audit
  2. Recommendations – Once you complete the image name and alt tag audit change or advice to change it by following our guidelines.
  3. Guidelines for Writing Image name and alt text.
    • Write Alt tag for every image, it must describe image.
    • Image file name must be descriptive and contain keywords, avoid number or query string in writing image name, try to make it short.
    • Whenever you provide link in images follow below structure Linked URL Structures
    • Dont Forget to specify Image dimensions (Height * Width)
    • Compress images and reduce size to improve page loading.


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Top Indexing Action Items
      2. Indexing Analysis
      3. Indexing Score



      1. Analysis of Page Exclusions
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines to Follow


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Linking Analysis
      2. Linking Score


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis
      2. Recommendations
      3. Guidelines


      1. Analysis


Completed 6 Years in Digital marketing and I discussed about SEO and PPC.

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